Friday, February 16, 2007

Top Popular Blog Posts in 2007

Will try to make this periodic... here are the top popular posts from my blog according to Google Analytics.

  1. "So, Is Security An Art?"
  2. "On Getting to Blocked Web Sites"
  3. "Security vs Networking"
  4. "My Security Predictions for 2007 ... Go!"
  5. "On "TJX Was Not PCI Compliant. Who Pays?"
  6. "Will security ever "get done?"
  7. "On Common Event Format (CEF)"
  8. "Anton Security Tip of the Day #3: Watch for Failures and Successes"
  9. "Practicing "Best Practices" vs Doing Good Work?"
  10. "ROI on Not Getting Your Ass Whooped"

BTW, can anyone suggest an automated way to show top popular posts from a blog? I googled around and found nothing that worked for Blogger...

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