Friday, February 23, 2007

On Blogging, Personal Branding and Log Mananement

So, a while ago I posted this visual cloud representation of a Clusty search engine query for "log management" and I said "notice something interesting?"

This picture actually shows what was so interesting (I just rerun the query today to make sure it is still there)

So, seeing this again caused me to philosophize :-) a bit: is it a good thing that your very name becomes fused with a specific technology? I do love log management, but should I be happy (or sad?) that Clusty thinks that "anton" is closely related to "log management."

If you think that it was an ego post, skip it :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your name isn't fused with a particular technology, because the mapping is only one-way: technology to your name. I'd be happy about that one.

Searching instead on your name turns up lots of other technologies:

- Raul

Dr Anton Chuvakin