Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to name a paper - advice from PR folks

Here is fun bit on PR. If you are thinking of writing a paper, but are not quite sure how to name it, check out those suggestions from a PR course:

  1. "New Way to ______________ That Has Never Failed
  2. A Part-timer's Tactics for a Full-Timer’s __________
  3. A Quiz: Test Your _____________ Smarts
  4. Cash in on _______________ Trends
  5. Chasing the Right ______________
  6. Cool Tools for Today’s ______________
  7. Common Errors That Kill ______________
  8. Discover the 7 Essential Elements That Guarantee _____
  9. Finding the ______________ That is Uniquely You
  10. Good News for ______________"

Admittedly, this is partly humorous, but then again I do see papers named like this, and I am guilty of writing security papers on mistakes (for example, this, this and this)

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