Friday, January 27, 2006

"NAC" sales to soar 1,100%

Its no surprise that I predicted that "endpoint security" (check this for a nice and clear definition of what it is) - of which "NAC" is often considered to be the main part nowadays - will grow faster than other areas of the infosec market in 2006. Here is some evidence to back up this prediction:

Security Market Wrap: NAC sales soar 1,100%: "There are three main components in most NAC solutions: clients, enforcement, and backend. Infonetics’ report focuses on the enforcement market, including network integrated NAC enforcement devices, NAC enforcement appliances, and SSL VPNs for NAC enforcement. “By far the largest portion of NAC enforcement revenue between now and 2008 comes from network-integrated enforcement devices, but the biggest change is in NAC enforcement appliances, whose share of the market nearly triples between 2005 and 2008,” "

Why is "Network Access/Admission Control" technologies are set to grow? Until recently, the endpoint security was pretty much equal to an anti-virus software (later bolstered by a personal firewall) and now "NAC" (here used to mean a generic technology, not any vendor's implementation) came into the picture as a way to control who can connect to a network by making - with wildly different intelligence - a decision based on the endpoint security posture as well as other properties. While some folks question the future of "NAC" (and others defend it) it seems like the problem is there, this is a solution that fits and there is industry momentum behind so growth is likely. And, yes, its complexity is one reason why it might not take off as fast as they say ...

Dr Anton Chuvakin