Saturday, December 04, 2010


Just FYI, new security conference in Bay Area – see you all there next week; I will be doing a hilarious SIEM/log management talk there… It will be fun!!


There's a new information security conference in the South Bay at The Hacker Dojo, December 10th & 11th. Perfect for those of us with exhausted travel budgets. We're an active community with tons of the smartest folks in the biz. It just makes sense that we would get a regional con of our own!

The theme for BayThreat is as simple as black & white: "Building & Breaking Security." Two tracks, each tackling opposite sides of the security fence. As Security Professionals, it is up to us to take that dichotomy and mold it into the shades of gray we use to protect our environment.

Shades of the Gray Area

We've invited speakers from all over the Bay Area and beyond to a two day conference at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA. The Dojo is a familiar place for the security community, as it hosts the #DC650 meetings every month.

We're excited to host speakers with security expertise from both sides of the fence. Early-acceptance speakers include Anton Chuvakin, Neel Mehta, Ryan Smith, Gal Shpantzer, Jim McLeod, Allen Gittelson, and Dan Kaminsky. The Call For Abstracts is now closed.

When: December 10-11, 2010

Where: Hacker Dojo, 140A South Whisman Rd, Mountain View, CA 94041  (map)

How much: nominal fee of (!) $45

Schedule: TBA here

Dr Anton Chuvakin