Thursday, February 25, 2010

RSA 2010: Where to Find Anton?

Since everybody is  heading down (…up or sideways – in my case) to RSA, here my schedule. If you want to meet up, it will help you to track me down.

  • Monday: Metricon 4.5. Sadly, missing the Cloud Security Summit. Is there anything more important than cloud? Yes, security metrics! :-)
  • Tuesday: mostly meetings with clients, prospects, friends and everybody else. I plan to attend a few GRC-themed RSA presentations in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday: at SecurityBSides, speaking on PCI DSS and otherwise having fun. Come say hi if you are there! Obviously the way to end this day is at the famous RSA Security Blogger Meet-up.
  • Thursday: attending RSA, more meetings with prospects and friends, and – YES! - our PCI DSS book signing (!!!). Come have your PCI book signed by BOTH Branden and me (a rare event indeed!) at 1PM at the RSA bookstore.
  • Friday: yet another day of meetings and RSA presentations.

BTW, we […for any value of ‘we’] totally need to bunch up and do a vendor hall walk – if for no other reason but to make fun of vendors with incompetent marketing, look for hippos (=misspelled HIPAA) and “compliancy” as well as other fun stuff. Maybe this year I should finally organize the “1st Annual RSA Vendor Hall Walk”, especially given that I do not work for a vendor anymore

Dr Anton Chuvakin