Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not at Qualys Anymore

As of today, August 27th 2009, I am not at Qualys anymore. Later today I would be able to share a bit more details to those folks who are curious :-)

UPDATE: so, let me use a metaphor to explain my situation. First, I still think Qualys is one of the best companies I ever worked for; the culture, the people, the products there are truly awesome. On the other hand, have you ever seen two good people meeting each other, falling in love, dating and then getting married - only to find in a few months or years that they are just not a fit for each other. Yes, they might retain a very high opinion of each other - just not a high opinion for a particular role of each other's partner...

For example, if we are to believe StrengthFinder test (my results here), my strentghs are in developing strategy, creating new ideas and communicating them to the world. These happen to be things that I not only can do very well, but also enjoy doing very much. Heck, I am doing them for free now for my blog and for the book I am writing! These very things also happen to not be the ones I was tasked with. Result? This blog post :-)

Hopefully, this will clarify it for those who are wondering what is going on. If there ever was a case where a good employee (yes, I have a high opinion of myself :-)) and a good employer just were not a fit for each other, it is this one.

So, if you have ideas about what I should do next, go write ahead and send them over! I plan to send the next few days thinking and strategizing about "the next big thing" for me. Also, I will continue working on all those security community projects that I was neglecting for so long.

BTW, now I will have my chance to prove that I was positive about PCI DSS not due to the fact that I had "PCI DSS" in my poisition title :-) On the other hand, you can now say that I am only positive on it to sell the book... :-(

Dr Anton Chuvakin