Monday, May 12, 2008

Log Management: Insight From Ancient Times (The 80s, That Is :-))

My boss has posted two of the very fun blurbs on log management to our blog; do check them out, especially if you are the fan of the 80s :-)
Fun blurbs from the above:

"In surveys, 70%+ of organizations confess their primary budget for log management still comes from compliance. However, this same group admits for years now that 70% of their use of log data is driven by operational needs such as fault detection and problem isolation."

"The requirement to collect 100% of all log messages of all log sources is even more important in operations than it is in security." (why?)

"Rather than replacing these systems with yet another console, most companies are going to look for the ability to integrate a new information source, log data in this case, into the existing fault management console. Web services likely will be the mechanism of choice."

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