Thursday, April 10, 2008

RSA Impressions 4: Three Fun Meetings

Now, yesterday was one hectic RSA day - I am only blogging about it now on the train to RSA. I barely managed to attend one session. I had meetings and other fun stuff happening all day. I figured I'd highlight three of them as they might be interesting to my readers.

First, I am proud to say that I was invited to Microsoft lunch for security bloggers. We definitely had some fun discussion on both blogging and security there and all sensed definite interest from the MS side. At times, though, it felt like talking to "spooks": information goes in, happy smile comes out :-) Other bloggers commented on that too.

Second, CEE logging standard work lives on. We had an informal meeting with people from MITRE, Microsoft, OpenGroup (home of OpenXDAS), Burton as well as relevant vendors and others involved (some people were sadly MIA though...). We did discuss - not too violently! - what to do next and what approach to take in regards to taxonomy (the most hotly debated part of CEE).

Finally, last by time but clearly FIRST by importance, 2nd Annual (?) RSA Security Bloggers Meet-up. OMG, this WAS an event of the century (at least until the next one, that is :-)) Not much more to say, I am still recovering :-) But if you are blogging on security - BE THERE next year!

BTW,  what is the overwhelming RSA theme this year? I think Rich is right, it is what he says.

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