Monday, April 21, 2008

More on "Enterprise-Class" (or Enterprise-Quality)

Mike R makes what I consider to be an absurd claim here: "... How can Baracuda sell an anti-spam gateway for $3000 and other vendors sell a similar product for $50,000? Is the other product 15 times better? Of course not. But the enteprise customers in an early market can afford $50K per box, so that's what you charge them. "

Honestly, I am not sure about the anti-spam gateways, they might be all the same indeed (and so Mike might actually be right about that specific type of a product...), but I can tell you that in log management the answer "Yes, it is that much better in features that actually make it 'enterprise'" - see this five-part treatise on that very subject by our enlightened System Engineer Dimitri McKay.

You can get Sawmill for $0, you can get whatever other product for $5k - or you can get LogLogic. The difference in what you will get will be about the same as the price factor!

All this debate is BTW inspired by this RSA-related piece.

Dr Anton Chuvakin