Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Log Haiku #1

So, I am sitting on a hotel in - seriously! - Nampa, ID preparing for tomorrow's Idaho ISSA conference where I will teach a short class on "Log Forensics" and then present my fave "Six Mistakes of Log Management." And this whole ID thing made me a bit philosophical and so I dug out my old log haikus that were created for a first iteration of my book on logs (every chapter was supposed to start from a weirdly funny haiku on logs...).

I figured since these are not going to be used for the book, I will just post them here, one a day.

But I am warning you!!! These are bad haiku indeed. :-) Here comes #1:

What is a log? A secret

Let’s crack it now!

Resist it will furiously


Anonymous said...

Hmm... isn't haiku form supposed to be 5-7-5? :)

Anton Chuvakin said...

Exactly! :-)

THAT is why I had to warn you - these are BAD haiku...

Well, the next ones are closer to 5-7-5.

Dr Anton Chuvakin