Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Internet Down?

Fun, thought-inspiring reading:
Papers like that help put system and network security in the right context: if your business will run just fine even after losing your IT, your connectivity and all your data (e.g. you are a lemonade stand! :-)) than it is OK to fire that security manager :-) If not, get to work - your security likely needs improvement!

So, think about it, it is 2008 now and the paper says that "for the non-Web-centric business, the loss of the Internet likely would likely be, at the very least, a major inconvenience as well" (obviously, "[online] businesses would also come to a crashing halt").

Now think 2018. Will a typical business of 2018 survive that intact?

If you are still not getting it, think 2028. Will there be any businesses that will survive the "stop of the Internet"? My guess is NO (not even lemonade stands....).

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Not having an Internet connection at work is a nightmare. I am an advertising practitioner here in the Philippines and I can’t imagine doing work the connectivity. I send tons of emails a day and it makes my work a lot easier.

Dr Anton Chuvakin