Friday, January 25, 2008

"First Ever CyberWar" Cost $1,642? Bua-ha-ha!

Remember "Estonian DoS", the "first cyber-war ever" (gasp! :-)) -

"A 20-year-old Estonian student has been fined for participating in a cyberattack that paralyzed Estonian Web sites and soured the country's relationship with Russia, a government official said Thursday. [...] Galushkevich must pay $1,642. "

So, will the scaremongers please shut up?


Anonymous said...

I am glad someone is belling the cat. 2 million packets per second is not cyber war. Not to say it was not a serious problem. Yes, it did take out Estonia offline, but it would not even take Amazon or Google out.

All the talk about Electronic Jehad and cyber warfare from self styled experts were adding to the noise. There are more subtle ways by which espionage (industrial and state) is being carried out. It would do everyone good if the "experts" start concentrating on real problems rather than whipping everyone into a frenzy along with themselves.

SixTen Research

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100%

It was bad, but cyberwar? Come on...

Dr Anton Chuvakin