Monday, October 29, 2007

Security Companies 2 Watch - 2007

Everybody already looked at it, I am sure, but why not: "10 IT security companies to watch." Now, some might check it out and say "Come one, this is 'Network World'! How dumb can that be?" Well, I think it is worth looking at anyway: the fun part is the common themes. And they are:

  • Authentication (What?!)
  • Smart traffic sniffing (A yawn? Maybe)
  • DLP (tooooo f late...)
  • Behavioral anti-malware (one more? nooooo...)
  • Identity risk-management (WTF?)
  • Database security (well, maybe)
  • Encryption (what a novel idea?)
  • Code review (finally time?)
Still, check out the list!


Dave Kearns said...

>>Identity risk-management<<

Otherwise known as context-based authorization. Perhaps it's simply too new for you to have noticed?

Here's a set of links to more on context/risk-based authentication/authorization:

Well, Blogger won't let me insert a URL, so you'll need to go to networkworld DOT com SLASH newsletters SLASH dir SLASH and search on "context"....

Anton Chuvakin said...

Well, thanks for the info! I am jumping to the links you suggested - it sounds like fun reading - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Dr Anton Chuvakin