Friday, October 26, 2007

Love the Irony!

Now, as you might have guessed from my writing, I love irony. So, I think it is kinda ironic that "The Russian Business Network—a Russian ISP that's notorious for hosting illegal or shadowy businesses including child pornography, phishing and malware distribution sites—has had to take down two servers that were getting overloaded due to the success of the exploit, according to SecureWorks."

Think about all the fun situations/headlines that can be imagined:

- "What is our malware availability strategy?"- asks the boss
- "Moving to malware-as-a-service for better scalability"
- "System administration 'best practices' for malware serving"
- "Load balancing your phishing servers for quality online victim experience"
- "IT person commended for saving a malware server from crashing"
- And of course: "Disabling logs for evidence avoidance for malware admins"


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