Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You Sir! Step Away From That RSS Reader!!

"The relentless influx of emails, cellphone calls, [A.C. - RSS feeds] and instant messages received by modern workers can reduce their IQ by more than smoking marijuana, suggests UK research."

"... Alarmingly, the average IQ was reduced by 10 points - double the amount seen in studies involving cannabis users."

No comment really :-) Just remember you read it on the blog :-)

UPDATE: just saw this from Dave Piscitello which is closely related: "This trend [AC - waning attention spans] is very disturbing. We appear to be devolving into a "just tell me what I need to know RIGHT NOW, how to do this RIGHT NOW, keep it brief I'm too busy to care WHY" society. Fewer and fewer IT professionals are learning architectural and other *big picture* networking and security principles, and rely instead on technology to solve the problem. This attitude is not isolated to Internet technology; in fact it's a pandemic. "

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