Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Travel

I am hereby starting a new Blogger label ("travel") to entertain my readers will all the travel stories that happen to me as I fly around on security business. I think the pool of stories has reached a critical mass and I just have to share them.

Some "bizarro" travel things (mostly air travel) that happened to me recently:

- plane "downgrades" where a few dozen passengers are left out
- a trip where all passengers are moved around in minibuses instead of planes (United)
- food in Economy, but not in First (!) (USAirways)
- airport "security" stories (including a classic - "nearly empty 3.4 oz toothpaste")
- service so bad that it crosses horrible into funny and then info ... I dunno where? :-)
- delay because "the plane needs to be brought from the hangar" (USAirways, 6/2007)
- delay because the plane "is too hot and needs to be cooled" (USAirways, 6/2007)

Feel free to add or link to your own.

UPDATE: a great :-( list of air travel horror stories is here (from here). Basically, the conclusion is "if you landed on or near time, be grateful to the deity of your choice" :-)

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