Friday, April 27, 2007

Protected but Owned: My Little Investigation

Finally, I had a chance to write up my adventures with the owned system, that I mentioned here. Check out my write-up here. It is about my investigation of a desktop protected by various security software, but 0wned nonetheless. And to those paranoids who are dying to ask a question "Was this my own system?" I can give a resounding "NO!" :-)

UPDATE: want to get the goodies I mentioned in the paper? Email me!

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H. Carvey said...

Great write-up! I'd like to get a copy of the executable, if you don't mind. Your write-up showed a screen capture that looked like it included the file version information from the exe, and I'd be interested to see how often malware authors are doing this sort of thing.

Did you happen to search the system for any BHOs?


Dr Anton Chuvakin