Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Are You Invited to a Pachyderm Picnic? :-)

It has been a while since a security book have prevented me from having a full night's sleep. "Hackers's Challenge 3" was the last one I remember, but today it happened again. In fact, this book did more than that: it kept me from sleeping on a 6AM flight (!)

I haven't finished reading it yet, but a mystical force :-) compels me to write a pre-review. Here it is: Andrew Jaquith's "Security Metrics" book rulez!

Apart from awesome content (more on this later, of course) and uber-superb :-) style, the book just flows. To top it off, I have tremendous respect for people who can say the words "pachyderm picnic" and not smile :-) I have a sense that I am invited to it ...

I also think that the remnants of the "Evil ROSI Empire" (e.g this) as well as "Heresiarchs of Risk Management" will be finally put to painful and well-deserved death by this book ...

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