Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are You a "Professional Security Professional?" :-)

Are you noticing the same? Lately, when I've been reading various security and near-security media, I picked a lot of stupidity. Is it me? Am I turning into a curmudgeon? And old curmudgeon perhaps? And old cantankerous curmudgeon? :-)

Just yesterday of was reading a ... well, I would protect the guilty and be vague about it this time ... trade mag of a leading security industry association and picked this gem: "professional security professional." Oooh, this takes English to a totally new level.

Overall, I suspect that as security moves more into mainstream (examples abound: rootkit is now a common term, etc) more people who, a few years ago, didn't even dare thinking about writing a paper on security now have an opportunity to soil a few electrons with their "loathsome prose..."

Oops, was it a rant? You bet! :-)

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