Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Product Management View: The Top 12 Product Management Mistakes

Sorry for quoting almost the entire blog post, but it is a fun read for those involved with product management: “The top 12 Product Management Mistakes” by Martin Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group:


1. Confusing Customer Requirements with Product Requirements
2. Confusing Innovation with Value
3. Confusing Yourself with Your Customer
4. Confusing the Customer with the User
5. Confusing Features with Benefits
6. Confusing Building Right Product with Building Product Right
7. Confusing Good Product with Good Business Model
8. Confusing Inspiring Features with “Nice-to-Have” Features
9. Confusing Adding Features with Improving Product
10. Confusing Impressive Specifications with an Impressive Product
11. Confusing a Complete Product with a Sellable Product
12. Confusing Product Launch with Success"

Dr Anton Chuvakin