Thursday, February 23, 2006

Security innovation vs adult supervision

As a part of my job, I look at many (most?) emerging security companies in various sub-spaces of a broad security market. Recently, I was talking to my friend about some of the newly-hot intellectual property (IP) theft protection vendors (heh, you know who you are). And he mentioned something interesting: "Yes, some might be 'hot', but most operate without 'adult supervision'?" That's a neat metaphor, right here!

What he likely meant is that they are not connected to the real problems people ... :
  1. ... suffer from right now
  2. ... are willing to pay for solving
  3. ... will trust those vendors to solve

So, check your latest security startup for matching the above criteria. If you miss one, congrats - you operate without adult supervision! :-)

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Dr Anton Chuvakin