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Honeynet Project Blog Top Posts in February 2011

FYI, I won’t be posting these here all the time (they are written for The Honeynet Project blog – original location for this post), but I figured I’d post the first one here just to tell people about all the fun stuff from the Honeynet blog that I now take care of as a project PR officer..
The following are the Top 5 popular blog posts from The Honeynet Project blog this month.
  1. Observing Botnets” talks about tools to observe bot traffic on the network; it is an excerpt from “Know Your Enemy: Tracking Botnets” paper (fun quote: ‘"A botnet is comparable to compulsory military service for windows boxes" – Stromberg’)
  2. The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: Cuckoo” covers Cuckoo, a binary analysis sandbox, designed and developed with the general purpose of automating the analysis of malware.
  3. First-ever Honeynet Project Public Conference–Paris 2011” announces the first-ever Honeynet Project Public Conference, held alongside with the traditional Honeynet Project Annual Workshop.
  4. Client Side Attacks” is a brief primer on client-side attacks where a server attacks a client that connects to it; it is an excerpt from “Know Your Enemy: Malicious Web Servers” paper
  5. Use of Botnets” is also an excerpt from “Know Your Enemy: Tracking Botnets” paper. It talks about the malicious use for botnets.
Look for more of such Honeynet blog highlights in the future!
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