Friday, September 24, 2010

Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait XIII

Perhaps surprisingly, but “Information Security” magazine allowed me to restart my long-forgotten “Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait” series. The last post in the series was a long time ago, so thanks to them we now have the  #13. Hurrah!

So, their latest issue has this brilliant piece of sheer idiocy:


Do you really need me to comment? Just laugh… TrendMicro gets a Silver Prize in SIEM category … WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A SIEM PRODUCT. And “reported dead a few times” Symantec SIM gets a Gold Prize, but that just gets filed under “insult to injury” category…

So, even though my subscription has expired, I just updated my address with them so that they can send me some of the stuff they are smoking.

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