Thursday, September 02, 2010

LogChat Podcast 1: Anton Chuvakin and Andrew Hay Talk Logs

"LogChat" Podcast is born! Everybody knows that all this world needs is a podcast devoted to logs, logging and log management (as well as SIEM, incident response and other closely related subjects).

And now you have it - through the sheer combined genius of Andrew Hay and myself, Anton Chuvakin.

Administrative items first:

  1. We need a new name! We are not entirely happy with "LogChat" and, sadly, "LogTalk" is taken. Please suggest a name - if we pick yours, you get a free signed  copy of my "PCI Compliance" book.
  2. We will post the transcript, not just the MP3 file - in a few days. If you have ideas for a good/inexpensive transcribing service, we are all ears. I will try Amazon Mechanical Turk first, but it might not be good enough for a technical podcast.
  3. Please also suggest topics to cover as well - even though we are not likely to run out of ideas for a few years. Our first topic today is new log source integration - if it sounds boring...well...listen first/judge second :-)
  4. We plan for this to be a monthly podcast. So, the next one will happen sometime early October.
  5. Any other feedback is HUGELY useful. Is it too long? Too loud? Not enough jokes? Too few mentions of the "cloud"? Feedback please! Who knows...maybe there are more PCI books left in my secret stash and you too will earn that glorious prize for the most useful piece of feedback  :-)

And now, in all its, glory - the podcast: the link to MP3 is here [MP3].
UPDATE: RSS feed is here.

Enjoy the log chat!

Dr Anton Chuvakin