Friday, October 30, 2009

Notes from CSI2009 Annual Conference

If you’ve ever been to a ghost town before,  you didn’t need to go to CSI this year. It seemed to have only a few people even at HOT topics. Initially I thought that it was because I spent only the last day of the show there, but others told me that it was not the case. I saw a ghost of risk management there, BTW…

Other people’s impressions:

  • Rafal Los on CSIAnnual (some observations about lack of passion, which I didn’t notice since I spoke on PCI DSS and PCI=passion :-))
  • TechRumble on CSI (some fun cloud stuff that I missed at the show is mentioned there; quote: “Today even a 1-person startup can compete with Google and IBM in terms of infrastructure”)

Also, if you’d like to see my “PCI DSS as a framework for security” presentation (with voice and all!), go here. It is essentially the same presentation that I gave at CSI, minus some magic tricks I played on the live audience :-)

BTW, if you suffer from mild voyeurism, you can see a picture of me giving this presentation here (yes, I had explosions and demons in my PCI presentation :-)).

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