Friday, October 02, 2009

Attending The Computer Forensics Show Oct 5-6 in Santa Clara, CA

So, next week I will be at The Computer Forensics Show in Santa Clara, CA and I got some discount codes to share, courtesy of the organizers. 50% off attendance code is: VIP50

Here is the info about the event:

WHEN: October 5-6, 2009

WHERE: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA


"When No One Else Can": Data Recovery from a completely overwritten hard drive. Sample Forensic recovery from over written drive from Turkish assassination case, 2007 by Alfred Demirjian

eDiscovery in the Cloud: Policy, Technology and Security Requirements for SaaS Email Archiving  by Rick Dales, Proofpoint.

"Forensic" vs. "Forensically Sound" Electronic Data Collections?  by Jake Frazier, Esq., EMC Corp.

Challenges to Digital Forensic Evidence by Fred Cohen [A.C. - awesomeness alert! this will probably be awesome!]

E-Discovery: Why Most Enterprise Implementations Fail To Make The Grade by Kon Leong, ZL Technologies, Inc.

Computer Forensics Solutions in Trade Secret Matters by Don Vilfer, JD, CFE, Califorensics

10 Biggest Mistakes of a Data Breach (panel) by Christopher Hague, VeriSIgn, Inc; M. Peter Adler, Esq, Pepper Hamilton, LLP; Anne Buchanan – APR,Buchanan Public Relations, LLP

Forensic Accounting – How to Uncover Fraud by Richard C. Hermerding, MBA, MA, MSIS, CMA, CFM, CFE, CFS, OLIVO-CPA

Understanding Credit Card Theft – A Practical Approach by Harshul Joshi, CBIZ MHM, LLC

The Security Data Dilemma: A Data Warehouse Approach to Improve Security by Bruno Kurtic, SenSage

E-banking Fraud Schemes: Attack Trends and Defenses by Kevin Donovan, VASCO Data Security

Detecting Zero-day and Polymorphic Malware in the Enterprise by Greg Hoglund, HBGary, Inc.

Network Forensic Investigations: Establishing Probable Cause by Eric Knight, LogRhythm, Inc.

… and many, many others.

See you there!

Dr Anton Chuvakin