Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On Heartland V

Sorry, but I cannot resist – here comes “On Heartland V.” Why did I break my promise?

This is why:


Source: DatalossDB

And this is why:  “Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of certain investor in Heartland Payment Systems over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws” (here)

And this is why:  “Visa withdraws Heartland PCI compliance” (here) And “a little bird” (tm) brought this missing piece of info: their merchants are contractually obligated to do business with a PCI-compliant processor (please confirm or deny this rumor, if you have more info)

Overall, in light of the above I now think that Heartland might well end up being “CardSystems 2.0” and actually die. That will make “security doesn’t really matter” crowd … well… not matter :-) At least for a while.

Case closed? Security breaches actually … gasp! … matter for business.

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