Thursday, March 19, 2009

OMFG - Mutiny on Board

Cory Doctorow starts (! - that is how he starts) in his "The High Priests of IT — And the Heretics": "Though I've done time in corporate IT — and have even born the CIO title more than once — I've always had more sympathy for the firewall-breaking, virus-toting, data-leaking users than I have for the responsible and sober IT departments that struggle every day to keep the systems running while the users set out to dismantle it."

One comment: OMFG.

More SHOCKING quotes: "Contemporary corporate IT's top job is locking down the PC and the network, blocking users from installing their own apps, blocking them from accessing forbidden websites (nominally this is about blocking porn, but a dismaying number of workplaces also block IM, webmail, blogs, message-boards, and social networking services where employees might otherwise find useful, low-cost coordination with other employees, suppliers and customers), and spying on their every click and keystroke to capture the occasional bad egg who's saying or doing something that could put the whole firm at risk."

"The fact is that the most dreadful violators of corporate policy — the ones getting that critical file to a supplier using Gmail because the corporate mail won't allow the attachment, the ones using IM to contact a vacationing colleague to find out how to handle a sticky situation, the incorrigible Twitterer who wants to sign up all his colleagues as followers through the work day — are also the most enthusiastic users of technology, the ones most apt to come up with the next out-of-left-field efficiency for the firm."

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This deserves to be discussed widely in the security community...

Dr Anton Chuvakin