Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On "silent explosion of log management"

Here is a cool blurb on log management which I just love. Called "The silent explosion of log management", it is a must read for everybody related to logs (=everybody! :-))

Fun quotes:

"What's the fastest-growing data source at large organizations? Video? Maybe at YouTube, but not at Citibank. The answer is log files."

"Indeed, the log management snowball is rolling down a very steep and very snowy hill."

"... think of log management as the foundation of a Network Information System (NIS). Analysis of log data [...] is quickly becoming the difference between effective IT security/operations management and flying blind."

"Logs seem trivial, and log management appears like a tactical task at the bottom of the IT stack. Maybe in the past this was true, but in today's world, information is power and logs are device-specific information."

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