Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet You at RSA?

I just noticed other bloggers posting "Are you RSA? Let's meet up!" posts. This is mine :-)

BTW, it is indeed a silly question: the common wisdom goes "if you are not at RSA, you don't exist" :-) (BTW, the latter phrase says nothing about the quality of RSA presentations or lack thereof)


Anonymous said...

WRONG! RSA is giant vendor fest.
You are not "somebody" if you are at RSA. You are a salesperson or involved in the sales of a product.

I've been to many conference and RSA is just a waste of time.

In my opinion of course... :-)

Anton Chuvakin said...

Well, vendors are human too :-) Well, some of us :-)

Many did say that presos were a waste. I only actually attended (i.e. listened to the presos) the RSA once, and, while their idea of technical is not really technical at all, some of the presos were fun.

What I like about the RSA is a chance to meet all those people in the industry...

Dr Anton Chuvakin