Friday, August 24, 2007

On Semantic Web or "Web 3.0" (Yuck!) Threats

I want to be a hype-master for a day :-) So, why else talk about "web 3.0" threats?

In any case, I had this fun chat with a journalist about threats to semantic web (which some people started calling 'web 3.0'). WTF is semantic web? Wikipedia fans go here and here, others go read Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The way I understand it is: it is the web that is both human- and machine-understandable, which creates (or allows one to create) a "mash-up" of anything with anything else (well, almost) as well as allows funky automated ways of querying the web.

So, go read the piece, keeping in mind that journalists have a tendency of hearing what they are writing about, not what is being said :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin