Friday, August 24, 2007

Amazing PCI Book Review

So, this made my day yesterday and I just have to share it. Andrew Hay published this glowing review of the"PCI Compliance" book.

The part most exciting to me obviously was: "Chapter 6 was by far my most favorite chapter and Syngress has offered it as a free download from their website. Many of you know what I do for a living and know how important understanding logging and requirements for logging is for my day-to-day duties. This chapter focuses around PCI Requirement 10 which details how you must handle the log data collected in your PCI environment. As soon as I started reading this chapter I knew that Dr. Anton Chuvakin had written this section of the book, or at least had a heavy insight into its direction. This chapter alone makes the book worth its weight in gold."

BTW, you can get this "gold" chapter [PDF] for free at Syngress site, since it was chosen as a sample chapter (!) by the publisher.

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