Monday, January 01, 2007

Blog Tagging Onslaught

So, I've been blog-tagged by Richard Bejtlich. I admit that I have to research what it meant :-) So, I am telling five things that my readers might not know about me and giving a list ("tagging") of five other bloggers to spread the meme further.

So, my five things:
  1. For whatever strange reason, some of the other tagged security bloggers chose their past military experience as one of the items: so I am stealing this one. No, I didn't drive a tank (neither American nor Russian :-)), but I did some fun stuff during my "ROTC" training since I was doing it in PsyOps. 'Nuff said.
  2. My security career pretty much started from reading a book called "Maximum Security" by Anonymous. And, no, I still don't know who wrote the book (feel free to enlighten me)
  3. I hate the work "geek" and I don't associate with Dilbert, ever.
  4. To back the #3 up :-) I have one of the most non-geek hobbies ever: latin dancing (see e.g. this).
  5. And finally - a shocking revelation: in the past (and I do stress that point!), I was very interested in the teachings of some Ross Jeffries ...
My five "victims":

1. Raffy Marty
2. Pete Lindstrom (yes, even in light of this)
3. Ron Gula
4. Amrit Williams
5. Thomas Ptacek


Thomas Ptacek said...

Unfortunately, Adam tagged me first and excused me from participating.

Anonymous said...

I am not ignoring you, I just really do not want to

Dr Anton Chuvakin