Monday, January 01, 2007

Blog Tagging Onslaught

So, I've been blog-tagged by Richard Bejtlich. I admit that I have to research what it meant :-) So, I am telling five things that my readers might not know about me and giving a list ("tagging") of five other bloggers to spread the meme further.

So, my five things:
  1. For whatever strange reason, some of the other tagged security bloggers chose their past military experience as one of the items: so I am stealing this one. No, I didn't drive a tank (neither American nor Russian :-)), but I did some fun stuff during my "ROTC" training since I was doing it in PsyOps. 'Nuff said.
  2. My security career pretty much started from reading a book called "Maximum Security" by Anonymous. And, no, I still don't know who wrote the book (feel free to enlighten me)
  3. I hate the work "geek" and I don't associate with Dilbert, ever.
  4. To back the #3 up :-) I have one of the most non-geek hobbies ever: latin dancing (see e.g. this).
  5. And finally - a shocking revelation: in the past (and I do stress that point!), I was very interested in the teachings of some Ross Jeffries ...
My five "victims":

1. Raffy Marty
2. Pete Lindstrom (yes, even in light of this)
3. Ron Gula
4. Amrit Williams
5. Thomas Ptacek

Dr Anton Chuvakin