Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Response to Comments on Predictions

So, I got a few fun comments on my recap of my 2006 security predictions.

Specifically, "Gabriel" said that server attacks have not fallen. Indeed, I would agree that a rise in web application attacks more than covered a drop in server platform software attacks so we are kinda both right (I should have said "server platform software attacks dropped" and not "server-side attacks dropped"). Thanks to "Gabriel" for noticing and clarifying it!

Also, he is just as correct in stating that wireless driver attacks have emerged from the underground. However, I would still claim that wireless attacks have not become anywhere near widespread as worms and virii :-) hits of the 1999-2003 or spyware infestations of 2003-2006.

Also, the next step in my track to highly-awaited 2007 security predictions (I am NOT posting them yet!) would be to pick on somebody else's. Maybe it is just my mood today, but I am very eager to call somebody a dumbass for predicting something truly ridiculous... :-) Stand by for that!

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