Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Security Predictions for 2007 .... Not Yet

OK, it looks like I just have to respond to this. The claim was made that one has to unleash his or hers (hmmm...) security predictions for 2007 immediately.
But - guess what- I will be a party pooper and will hold on to mine.

Feel free to see what I collected so far: security predictions 2007 tagged at del.icio.us

So, no, I am not posting my predictions just yet. In this prediciton game, you know that whoever waits the longest (preferably to the end of 2007 :-)) wins (i.e. looks like less of an idiot :-))

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Anonymous said...

well, phbtphbtphbtphbtphbtphbtphbt!


Dr Anton Chuvakin