Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vendors, Lies and Users :-)

A vendor talking about lying vendors? Woooo, that's fun, you might think :-) Indeed, I won't disappoint you...

I hate it when vendors lie; I really do! But my 0xBEEF :-) with it is somewhat different than Mike Rothman's (and here too). Or Alan Shimel's, for that matter. I specifically hate it when competitors lie. I had this experience where a certain competitor was presenting [absurd] lies, pretty much in my face. What pond scum! But what do you do? Confronting them felt below me, letting it stand wasn't too good either... The only easy "solution", of sorts, is to rely on this principle "liars always get caught… eventually", highlighted here.

However, as luck would have it, their customer stood up and confronted them: "What? Easy to use and manage? It took us 9 months to deploy and we are not done yet!"

It sure felt good! :-)


Anonymous said...

Curious...what vendor got caught?

Anton Chuvakin said...

Nah... that'd be TMI - too much info. I am sure they improved it by now

Anonymous said...

Anton - the point you bring up about the customer standing up and calling bull on the vendor is exactly the point I was making about don't underestimate the common sense of the customer. They are not going to be intimidated.

Dr Anton Chuvakin