Friday, September 15, 2006

More Musings on the Future

I read this fun document the other day (if you want a copy, just google on Google :-) for "eiuForesight2020.pdf") It is a 15 year forecast related to various economic - global and industry specific - trends. As one might guess, "data security" is prominently present in the report, alongside with energy security, geopolitical security and other "security brethren."

Moreovoer, I am getting an impression that the glorious march of IT, predicted in the document, (he-he, you didn't buy this "IT doesn't matter" crap, did you? :-)) will have to be accompanies by a corresponding march of security (and you thought security is hot now! Just wait! :-))

But here is another interesting bit: according to this forecast, "knowledge management" will increasingly become one of the "boardroom priorities" in the next 15 years. Knowledge management is not just "data management," but a part of much broader information lifecycle management (ILM). Even though knowledge management is not directly connected to security, it has obvious security implications. For one, you don't want that "knowledge" falling into the wrong hands or become corrupted or subverted. So, in reality, security is going to become even more prominent as a result of this knowledge management trend...

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