Wednesday, April 05, 2006

BART and switch crashes: an unusual outlook

Here is a weird question: do situations like this prove or disprove claims that cyber-terrorism is a reality?

BAY AREA / BART to investigate computer work at rush hour / Troubleshooting crashed system, stranded 35,000: " technicians risked working on computers that control trains while the transit system was running, work that crashed BART's main computer, stalled 50 to 60 trains, and stranded 35,000 passengers for more than an hour at the peak of the Wednesday evening commute. " and "... the new program overloaded a router..."

On one hand, if computers crash during routine maintainance, one should not fear that someone will do it on purpose (there is no scare factor if you know it will happen anyway one day)

On the other hand, if the system causes damage by itself, giving it a nudge will cause much more disastrous results...?

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