Sunday, December 04, 2005

On "Influential Spinning"

I was just driving from somewhere and listening to Kenrick Cleveland's awesome "Influential Spinning" course (see for details). As far as persuasion material goes, Kenrick's have few rivals (and you know it is true when you consider that he trained some pretty "interesting people" in the past). And it is also fun to follow when you get it.

So, specifically, he was talking about "selling the frame". If you "sold the frame", everything that fits in it will get sold too, pretty much automatically. For example, if you succeded in framing yourself as an "expert" in whatever area, it is likely that your opinions about that subject will get received much more positively.

It is amazing how some people "sold themselves as experts", without possessing the expert knowledge. Or maybe I just did not buy their frames? :-)

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