Monday, December 05, 2005

A fun article on sleep - "Good sleep, good learning, good life"

This one seems useful for just about everyone: Good sleep, good learning, good life Here is some advice from the paper:

"Napping advice:

Do not use the alarm clock! Contrary to popular belief, well-scheduled nap will not last longer than 20-30 minutes (at least in people with free running sleep)

Measure exactly the optimum length of the period between the natural awakening and the nap to maximize the effectiveness of a nap (see Fig. 1). The nap should come at the nadir of alertness. Napping beginners often miss the right timing!

Drink coffee or other caffeine drinks only after the nap

You can drink alcohol in only very subtle doses, and the best timing is shortly before the nap (see below for more)

If you nap for more than 40-50 minutes, you probably need more sleep in the night (check free running sleep section above!)

Avoid stress 2-3 hours before your nap. Even things you love can make you excited and make it harder to avail of the benefits of napping

Exercise is good. Try to finish your exercise at least 30-60 minutes before the nap

Meal before the nap is recommended. Your main meal of the day should actually come right before the nap! This is usually 5-9 hours after awakening

Sex before the nap is recommended

Stick to your ritual (e.g. stick to your best sequence: exercise, bath, meal, beer, quiet place, nap, music, or similar) ..."

In addition, it also have some "myths about sleep", such as the one that sleepi9ng before midnight is more beneficial.

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