Thursday, October 19, 2006

On "Top 10 Security Trends" of Bruce Schneier aka "On Obvious"

So, everybody is talking about Bruce Schneier's HITB talk where he unveiled his "Top 10 Security Trends," but you know what? It is truly underwhelming! Mr Crypto fell into the pit of "re-rambling" on the obvious. Examples are:

"Information is more valuable than ever." Duh.
"Networks are critical infrastructure." Double-duh.
"Complexity is your enemy. " Yeah, and...?
"Regulations will drive security audits. " Triple-duh.

Come on! All those points are deeply obvious to anybody watching the security industry. So, here is the challenge to make it more fun: name ONE item from the list which is not only not painfully obvious, but also likely wrong...

And the winner is: "Worms are more sophisticated than ever." Many observers point to a decline of a good ole worm, not to its "increasing sophistication."

Finally, here is a simple but scientific test :-) to check whether you are stating the obvious and thus wasting peoples' time and unnecessarily increasing entropy in the Universe, thus possibly bringing its decline closer :-). Formulate the opposite statement and check whether it sounds truly idiotic. No? You are safe from "stating the obvious disease." Yes? Sorry, try next time :-)


"Information [today] is LESS valuable than ever." Yep, dumb indeed.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader...

Dr Anton Chuvakin