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We Are Almost 3! Cloud Security Podcast by Google 2023 Reflections [MEDIUM BACKUP]

 So, we (Tim and Anton, the crew behind the podcast) wanted to post another reflections blog based on our Cloud Security Podcast by Google being almost 3 (we will be 3 years old on Feb 11, 2024, to be precise), kind of similar to this one. But we realized we don’t have enough new profound reflections…. We do have a few fun new things!

So, what did we do differently in 2023?

We also covered a lot of AI... what a NOT surprise 🙂 Let’s go and reflect on that! So we have covered AI for security, we have covered securing AI and we have not yet covered the third pillar (countering the AI-armed attacker).

Here are AI our episodes aired in 2023 (we had AI episodes before, but only 3 of them):

As a side note, Google Cloud also published SAIF and two exciting papers on AI security and some fun blogs. AI of course will continue to be in our coverage, and a “fun” new episode on AI governance is coming soon (How about that? FUN and GOVERNANCE in the same sentence!).

Overall, here is how word cloud of our 2023 episode titles looks like:


Top episodes from all years:

  1. “EP1 Confidentially Speaking“
  2. “EP2 Data Security in the Cloud“
  3. “EP75 How We Scale Detection and Response at Google: Automation, Metrics, Toil”
  4. “EP3 Automate and/or Die?”
  5. “EP47 Megatrends, Macro-changes, Microservices, Oh My! Changes in 2022 and Beyond in Cloud Security” (2022 season opener!)
  6. “EP8 Zero Trust: Fast Forward from 2010 to 2021”
  7. “EP103 Security Incident Response and Public Cloud — Exploring with Mandiant” (2023 season opener!)

Top episodes aired in 2023:

  1. “EP103 Security Incident Response and Public Cloud — Exploring with Mandiant” (2023 season opener!)
  2. “EP109 How Google Does Vulnerability Management: The Not So Secret Secrets!”
  3. “EP105 Security Architect View: Cloud Migration Successes, Failures and Lessons”
  4. “EP113 Love it or Hate it, Network Security is Coming to the Cloud”
  5. “EP107 How Google Secures It’s Google Cloud Usage at Massive Scale”

What to expect from us in 2023?

  • More video!
  • More fun guests, Googlers and not
  • Fun Q1 2024 episodes include cloud detection and response (CDR), cloud forensics, some geopolitics (yes, really, we promise it will be cloudy!) and some classics like cloud migration security woes.
  • Much better website with content tags

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