Thursday, December 13, 2012

PCI Compliance Book Giveaway #2

OK folks, our PCI Compliance book has been out for a few months now, and Branden & I thought it would be fun to give away a copy with another contest! We have assembled a group of three independent judges who will look at the submissions and pick winners for each competition. The winner will receive a free, signed copy of the book! In fact, it would be one of those rare “dual-signed” copies with both of our signatures (and the book will have to travel from TX to CA – or from CA to TX – for this Smile)

So, on to the second contest (first one).

Our book attempts to draw a middle line between the black & white “audit” style of looking at PCI DSS and the loosey-goosey “anything goes” view. We want to take a compliance-friendly and security-friendly, practitioners line. However, sometimes even a compliance guy has to be CREATIVE!

So our second challenge to you, in the comments below, please tell us about your MOST CREATIVE PCI DSS CONTROL you implemented, assessed or even witnessed.

HOWEVER, it will help your submission if such control was also ACCEPTED by a QSA. We will absolutely reject the creative control submissions that have no chance of making your environment PCI DSS compliant…

You’ve got about a week (until the end of December 21st), and we will announce the winners after the holidays!

It doesn’t matter if you comment here or on Branden’s blog, we will capture all of them.

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