Thursday, August 02, 2012

One Year at Gartner!

Believe it or not, but I've been at Gartner for a year. One whole year has passed since that infamous blog post. I don't feel like diving into deep reflections and long contemplations about it, but I wanted to share how it was. During this year, I …

  • learned a lot, and expanded my security knowledge into new areas such as denial of service defense 
  • found out that being an analyst is a lot of fun
  • realized that there are many levels of writing excellence beyond the level that I thought I had …
  • interacted with a lot of smart people both within and outside Gartner
  • helped dozens of our clients – both security vendors and large enterprises - with their security challenges, some simple and some pretty esoteric
  • discovered that a lot of companies are not where our industry pundits and "thought leaders" say they are (“what is more common  today at large organizations, cloud or Windows 2000?”)

That's about it - I am really looking forward to my second year!

Dr Anton Chuvakin