Monday, February 07, 2011

Test Your Mad Logging and Log Management Skills NOW!

Love those easy unscientific quizzes you see all over the Internet? Here is one such quiz on LOGGING and LOG MANAGEMENT that I created specially for LogManagementCentral.

Go check what you really know about logs and figure out whether you are a mere bunny logger or a log management ninja.image

Result scales:

  • Bunny logger (score of 10%)
  • Eager log beaver (score of 20 – 40%)
  • I know my way around logs (score of 50 – 70%)
  • I changed my name to “Log Logger” (score of 80 – 90%)
  • Log management ninja (score of 100.00% and nothing less!)

Don’t be afraid … I did put a couple of tricky questions in there.

Dr Anton Chuvakin