Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Log Management Tool Selection Checklist Out!

Knowing how much people love checklists, here is one more: a checklist for comparing log management tools.

It is being released at the new log management related site, Log Management Central (subscribe to RSS, follow on Twitter).

  • The announcement and brief description is here.
  • Printable PDF version is here.
  • Spreadsheet XLS version with adjustable criteria scoring is here.

Disclosure: creation of this checklist was funded by a vendor, but it did not affect my choice of criteria or any other content decision. It also does not reduce awesomeness in any way! In other words, it is up to you how to use it (and whether to use it) and what decision to make after evaluating the tools. Just don’t make a decision of letting your logs rot Smile

Please feel free to make suggestions to make the checklist more useful! Is anything missing? Worded in a non-vendor neutral way? Anything else?

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Dr Anton Chuvakin