Friday, March 19, 2010

Minor Bit of Promotion: PCI Book Rocks!

the-pci-bookThe PCI book site has been updated with recent PCI DSS related videos and writing from Branden and me. For example, another big free chunk of a chapter (Chapter 12 “The Art of Compensating Control” by Branden) is posted. The picture proves that we did manage to write “The PCI Book” and not just “a PCI book” :-)
And, of course, the ever-so-funny PCI videos:

  • ShmooCon 2010 Conference Panel "An Existential Threat To Security As We Know It?" (direct video link [FLV]")

  • Security BSides San Francisco Panel "The Great Compliance Debate: No Child Left Behind or The Polio Vaccine" (part 1, part 2)

  • RSA 2010 Quick Clip "If you’re going for PCI compliance, just shut up and log" (direct video link)

  • Enjoy – if you missed it live.

    While I am at it, let me make a few quick announcements.
    Here are my fun upcoming speaking ops:
    1. Source in April in Boston, MA (with Branden)
    2. PCI DSS Workshop in April in Indianapolis, IN
    3. Honeynet Project Annual in April in Mexico
    4. HITB Amsterdam in July in Amsterdam (cool!)
    Recent writing [guess what? it is about logs! And sometimes PCI DSS]:
    1. "PCI DSS logging: A must for compliance" (part 1)
    2. "Practical priorities in PCI DSS logging" (part 2)
    3. "Shut up and Log!" 
    1. You can now “rent a bit of Anton” via Institute for Applied Network Security (IANS). I officially became “IANS faculty” a few weeks ago.
    2. If you somehow missed the release of our  "Critical Log Review Checklist for Security Incidents," then go get it!

    Dr Anton Chuvakin