Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PCI Compliance Book at 50% TODAY

It looks like fine folks at Syngress / Elsevier  have given everyone a BIG holiday gift: our "PCI Compliance" book at 50% off with code 97561 (not sure for how long the discount code will work ...maybe just today). To use the code, buy the book direct from the publisher here.  

This is awesome, pretty much! Even if you hate PCI :-)

And if you came here too late, but still in December, use this old code for 30% off. If the above also doesn't work, feel free to use the Amazon icon on the left.

BTW, while you are at it, check out the book website: www.pcicompliancebook.info

Think about! PCI DSS, massive holiday shopping ... what can possibly go wrong? :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin