Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun Upcoming SIEM Roundtable

Just reblogging the announcement since I think it would be useful for my readers. These are fun panelists, BTW, not brainless drones (well, I don’t know Brendan personally, but I guess he is not one either :-)) so I suspect the discussion will be worthwhile.  And the questions are VERY good too: how does “Is  purchasing a SIEM solution a fiscally responsible act given the current state of the economy?” sound? :-)


“SIEM Thought Leadership Roundtable" June 17, 2009 2:00PM ET

  • Mike Rothman - eIQ Networks

  • Mark Seward - LogLogic

  • Brendan Hannigan - Q1 Labs

  • Paul Stamp - RSA

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Most IT security departments are swamped. On one hand they’re contending with a highly dynamic threat landscape and an ever-expanding technology portfolio that requires protection. At the same time they’re doing what they can to help fulfill a burgeoning list of audit and regulatory compliance requirements. And on their third hand … if only that were possible! Fortunately, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – which has long offered IT Security the prospect of re-gaining control – is possible. In this Thought Leadership Roundtable, we’ll get to the bottom of what makes SIEM different from other security management solutions as well as what level of investment is required to make it work. Questions our panel will address include:

• Is purchasing/implementing a SIEM solution a fiscally responsible act given the current state of the economy and IT security budgets?
• How much of the “compliance problem” does SIEM actually address?
• To what extent do SIEM solutions provide meaningful correlation and enable detection of threats that would otherwise go unnoticed?
• What does the future hold for SIEM, both in terms of functionality and its relationship to other security management solutions?

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